From Health Care Professionals:

"Not all fiber supplements are created equal. The psyllium fiber in Konsyl is naturally soluble, with up to 10 times more soluble fiber than Oat Bran and it is Gluten free..." (See the entire video) Dr. Lynn M. O'Connor MD,MPH

"I am a big believer in fiber; that's fiber in diet and supplementation...especially in the form of psyllium fiber, like you find in Konsyl. I use it for all my patients and I recommend it to anyone I talk to. I also speak from personal experience. I use this product everyday and I know the difference..." (See the entire video) Dr. Gordon R. Klatt MD,FACS

"Konsyl is the best source of natural bulk fiber on the market today. Konsyl is pure psyllium which allows the highest dietary fiber per dose. My patients prefer Konsyl over many other bulk-forming laxatives..." Dr. Paul Senter, MD of Colon & Rectal Surgery in Fort Worth, Texas

"FIBER-BETIC C.A.R.E.S...Creates full feeling to support healthy weight*, Aids healthy blood sugar levels*, Reduces blood cholesterol**, Enables relief of constipation, Supports digestive health*. What's not to love?" Mary Ann Hodorowicz, RD, MBA, CDE, Certified Endocrinology Coder www.maryannhodorowicz.com

From our Consumers:

"My sister opened my eyes to using Konsyl for digestive issues. I CANNOT THANK YOU ALL enough for the immediate benefits that I have noticed. Using a natural fiber with NO CHEMICALS has changed my life! THANK YOU...I am forever grateful."

"Konsyl fiber was recommended by my doctor. I take it daily, and it has really helped me improve a health condition."

"FINALLY I found something without sugar and without sugar substitutes!! Mixes easily...and I get the benefits of psyllium."

"I can't even put into words how Konsyl Original has improved my quality of life. I feel better, I look better, my mood is more positive, and at age 58 I am able to enjoy the daily treadmill exercising, and doing some serious yard work... Now my wife & I both are glad we found your website so we can order direct, and get an even better value. We have tried other fiber brands, that never really worked, or that we could depend on. We will never go a day without Konsyl."

"I use Konsyl Original and appreciate a good, pure product without additives or sugar. Thank you for making it available, and for your fine product."

"We have done a lot of traveling since we retired and Konsyl has gone with me on every trip. For travel, I prefer the single packets...I use them everyday. I also keep a canister of  Konsyl incase I run out of the packets but that is probably no longer necessary since I became a preferred customer and get my shipments automatically every three months."