Konsyl digestive<br>
health market on the rise Konsyl digestive<br>
health market on the rise

Konsyl digestive
health market on the rise

A recent trend report by FONA International, notes that the digestive health market is showing steady growth as innovative products aimed at a younger demographic hit the market.

"Gut health has been said to impact everything from emotional health to the immune system, and nearly half of consumers today believe that a happy, healthy gut is key for overall well being."

A trusted brand for 85+ years, Konsyl is leading the charge with a full pipeline of new products for today’s discerning consumers. While many brands are seeing declining sales in the digestive aisle (Minet forecasted a 2.6% decline by 2021) key Konsyl retailers have seen a 40% year-over-year POS increase in select Konsyl products due to our targeted approach to whole-body health.

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Konsyl digestive<br>
health market on the rise

What are today’s
consumers looking for?

  • Vegan
  • Sugar Free
    Sugar Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Organic

The COVID-19 pandemic not only changed the way people shop, but has also impacted the way they think. With more people eating at home, today’s shoppers are looking for clean, healthy foods and wellness products from brands they can trust. More than buzzwords, today’s health-conscious shoppers are purposefully hunting for visual cues to brands that align with their values.

For the digestive health market in particular, shoppers that are driving growth, mostly millennials, are looking for natural, multi-functional digestive products that taste great. Gone are the days when consumers shop for symptom relief only. They are proactively looking for holistic, nutritional solutions to digestive health and overall wellness.

Immunity boosting
products thriving

In reaction to the COVID pandemic and media reports on the importance of maintaining a strong immune system, immunity products are flying off the shelf. Products with in-demand, natural ingredients like turmeric, ginger and apple cider vinegar are driving sales. Our great tasting gummies make these products even more attractive. Who would prefer to pop pills or chug vinegar when they can chew on a delicious, candy-like supplement?

Immunity boosting<br> products thriving

Power up your diet,
energy, beauty

As consumers take a more proactive approach to their health and wellness, we are also seeing an increased interest in natural supplements that round out whole body wellness and help us feel and look better, from the inside out.

Power up your diet,<br>energy, beauty

Stress and sleep support

Today’s consumers are also looking for natural ways to rest, relax and get enough sleep. Konsyl’s new line of melatonin gummies are just what the doctor ordered.

Stress and sleep support

Fiber and gut
health your way

Our varied list of effective fiber products allow consumers to choose how they want to add fiber to their diet. Konsyl fans can choose from a wide variety of fiber products that align with their lifestyle and needs.

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