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Achieving Improved Digestive Health with Fiber

Fiber is what helps move food through the digestive system so that your body can break it down and convert it into essential nutrients. Without fiber, a buildup of waste can occur and ultimately effect regularity, causing constipation, abdominal bloating and discomfort. Having too much waste can adversely affect healthy gut bacteria making it harder to metabolize and absorb nutrients, contributing to weight gain and fatigue.

Konsyl fiber products are high in soluble fiber, which absorbs water and forms a lubricating gel along the gastro-intestinal tract. This gel moves through the system without being broken down or absorbed, allowing the body to eliminate toxic waste. Furthermore, the solution allows for slower metabolism, which boosts energy, reduces appetite, and increases overall well-being.

Other Benefits

The soluble fiber in psyllium husk may help alleviate many digestive conditions; such as diarrhea and constipation.* Soluble fiber also aids in supporting lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.* When the fiber forms a gel, it slows down the uptake of fats and sugars from food, causing blood sugar and cholesterol to rise more slowly after a meal.


Konsyl’s psyllium fiber products can be mixed with water or juice and consumed as a drink. Daily use up to the maximum recommended amount is considered safe, but consult with your healthcare provider prior to starting a supplement program.

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