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Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels* with Fiber

A healthy lifestyle, taking Konsyl Psyllium fiber as a daily supplement and eating a high fiber diet all aid in maintaining healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels. For those with Diabetes, reducing health risks also comes through monitoring ABCs on a regular basis.

Know your ABCs

A1C Test: Measures your average blood glucose level over the last three months; it should be tested at least twice per year. 

Blood pressure: If it's too high, the heart may be working too hard; it should be checked at every doctor’s visit. 

Cholesterol: LDL or “bad” cholesterol can build up in blood vessels, causing narrowing and hardening; it should be checked at least once a year.

Supporting healthy blood sugar with diet and exercise*

For most people, simply eating a colorful diet, avoiding too many carbohydrates, and maintaining regular physical activity helps support healthy blood sugar levels. Keeping up with medication, testing glucose levels are also important. In terms of diet, enjoy a variety of food, focusing on nuts, grains, fruits, veggies, meat, and dairy.  When it comes to exercise try strength training, which may improve blood sugar levels. Keep in mind that exercise can cause sugar levels to drop, so have fruit nearby and snack when necessary. Exercise can also help minimize stress, which can contribute to unhealthy blood sugar levels.* Learn about the benefits of exercise and how stress and smoking can affect blood sugar at or

Konsyl Fiber Products can help slow blood glucose absorption when consumed thirty minutes before a meal.  Konsyl’s psyllium forms a gel on the brush border of the small intestine and slows the process of sugar absorption into the bloodstream, a welcome result for those monitoring healthy blood sugar levels.

To learn more about supporting healthy blood sugar levels using psyllium fiber view:

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