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Fiber FAQs

When to use Konsyl

Konsyl psyllium fiber supplement powders can be taken anytime day or night, with or without food, though you must drink plenty of fluid: 8 glasses daily for overall good health. If you take it too late in the evening you will not allow yourself time to consume adequate fluid. Not to mention, if you drink a lot of liquid at night you may be up urinating in the night. Another consideration for night time dosing is that when you go to sleep, your body slows down to a "rest mode;" body systems are not operating as efficiently as during the day when you're up and moving around. The longer waste stays in the colon; more water is being drawn out. We suggest nighttime dosing to those individuals who are taking it for diarrhea or loose stools, because too much fluid in the stool is actually a problem for them. For constipation we suggest that Konsyl fiber supplements be taken early in the day when you will be active and moving around and your body systems are functioning at a higher rate. Also, you have more time to consume additional fluids throughout the day.

Why Konsyl

Konsyl products contain psyllium fiber, a soluble fiber that has multiple health benefits. In addition to supporting good digestive health, it also helps to promote heart health by lowering cholesterol.

Adding Konsyl Fiber to your daily healthcare routine will help to reduce blood sugar absorption, thereby helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

It also helps you to achieve and/or maintain a healthy weight.

About the formulas

Konsyl Original has 20 calories and 5 grams carbs per teaspoon dose.

Please see individual product pages for additional formula information.

How to use Konsyl

Separate taking your Konsyl and your medications by at least 2 hours. The concern here is absorption in the stomach. Since psyllium is a hydrophilic product, some physicians are concerned that it may absorb other medications that are in the stomach at the same time and carry them out of the body without the patient getting the full benefit. If you are taking Coumadin, Warfarin or other similar medications, check with your physician before taking Konsyl products.

About fiber

Dietary fiber is the part of a plant that cannot be digested by humans. There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble.Your digestive system needs both types to function optimally.

About the products

Konsyl Easy Mix contains maltodextrin to make the psyllium easier to mix. Konsyl Original Formula contains 100% psyllium.